About My Glass Odyssey

Eugene Glass School

The Backstory

My uncle worked with his hands. In fact, most of my family worked with their hands. And, after my uncle passed away, I wanted to both run away and celebrate his life. He was a printer, had his own shop, and was his own man.

I had gotten involved in glass blowing a few years earlier...it's what I was doing "with my hands" and got the idea of throwing myself into it...be productive...occupy my mind.

So, selfishly, I packed up my car, joined by my four-legged buddy, Frito, and hit the road. Head West...that's what I'd do.

The Plan

It was simple: Drive West and meet a few glass artists along my way to Los Angeles...sunny and seventy-five.

The Reality

Life often deviates from "plans."

My 6 week drive turned into a 6-month journey from glass artist to glass artist, studio to studio. What started out as diversions turned into a cathartic criss-crossing of the United States. I met friends I didn't know I had. This country's glass community carried me from coast to coast...it was wonderful.

And, what better way to celebrate my uncle than tell the stories of these folks who also work with their hands?

Here's my journey. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did!

-JW (and Frito)

JW Interview:
The Filming of My Glass Odyssey

JW Interview:
How Glass Art Is Made (featuring Martin Janecky)

Special thanks to "The Law, Your Money, and You" for this interview footage.  Visit their Facebook page or their website for more information.