Cast & Crew

99 glass artists were interviewed over the course of 3 years for this documentary.

Unfortunately we couldn't fit them all into the film.

(This is due to our shortcomings as filmmakers, not their work.)

A huge thanks to the artists interviewed. You have allowed us to share this great craft with others around the world.

JW and Frito greatly appreciated your time, expertise, and a bed to sleep in.

hot shop
eugene glass school
hastings college
randy strong

The crew of My Glass Odyssey worked (and are still working!) tirelessly on this project.

John Waterman

Writer, Director, and Producer

Rich Bokides

Associate Producer and Post-Production Supervisor

Ryan Cooper


Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer

Post-Production Producer and Colorist

Kendra Gilbert

Post-Production Coordinator and Festival Coordinator

Peter Sauvey

Picture Editor and HD Finishing

Carey Ray Jaramillo


Jacob Fishman


James Kolbuk


Gil Reynolds


Jackie Weinel

Print Coordinator

Becky Hamm

Web Developer


Star and Chief Barker

Special Thanks to Steve Funk